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So, not only is it my birthday (and we're getting Chinese food and bowling), but I had this dream that was a Japanese horror movie happening in my head. I'll detail it behind the cut, only [personal profile] sweetberrycupcake/[personal profile] cherrycandy can't read it because I'm writing it for her. I can see your dirty fingers hovering over the cut link, Brittany. Put your hands on the ground NOW 8U

as usual it involves dead kids )
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I can not. Stop. Playing Silent Hill Downpour. It's so damn addicting. Murphy and Anne and Sewell and just holy shit these characters. They're what addict me so much. I can't stop flailing about them and their sheer awesome. Especially Anne. I am so in love with her as a character just... all those layers, and how she pretends to be such a badass when deep down she's just a sweetheart who's all affectionate and just oh my god. She is adorable. Has anyone else played it yet and if yes rant at me about everything you love and hate about it. I want to have a huge ramblefest.

In other news, I don't know which one of you did this but I am pretty much crying right now, thank you ;-;
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Probably be pimping this on Plurk, too, but I made a comm for my writings: [community profile] simple_works

It's a place for oneshot fanfics and original drabbles and excerpts from my novels and chapters of my current sprawlingly long fanfic that I've been too scared to post so far, even though I've had 15 chapters of it written for almost a year :'D so, feel free to join/subscribe and browse around, read something, comment on something. I write for a shit-ton of fandoms so hopefully there's something there for everybody. I just love writing more than... ASFGKL just ANYTHING so chances are I'll update it more than I should.

Also, if anyone gets the reference in the comm name I will officially love them forever.
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So hey guys ♥
Making an account here in case LJ gets even more horrible than it already is OTL
Figured I'd be a huge douche if I didn't have anything here after giving this account URL to everybody I knew XD

It's me, Danie. Some of you probably know me as Heather-mun and Elle-mun at fac, or Arlen-mun/Eileen-mun at Aliunde, or Douglas-mun at Route. Yep. As you guys probably already know (or don't IDEK) I'm a huge fan of all things horror, aka I love being scared out of my mind. Silent Hill is my crack.

Friend me immediately if necessary. I swear I won't bite.

Why am I so awkward today /sob

OH YEAH AND MUSEBOX: [community profile] extrasprinkles
I can't update the muselist fast enough XD I just keep making accounts.


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